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  • Advanced course
    Advanced Applications of Remote Sensing in Raw Materials
    14-16 February 2024
    in-person (Seville, Spain)

Advanced Applications of Remote Sensing in Raw Materials 2024

Course Details

Learn how to effectively use satellite imagery to tackle complex challenges in the raw materials industry. Gain the expertise to excel in this exciting and rapidly evolving domain!

Earth Observation provides innovation potential in the raw materials sector. RawMatCop Alliance offers an advanced course with hands-on learning to demonstrate the ability of Copernicus to provide efficient solutions while complying with environmental regulations. Advanced approaches highlighting scalability, accuracy assessment, and time-series of imagery are offered in the course.

The 3 days in-person course is particularly beneficial for professionals with a preliminary background in the raw materials value chain and in Earth Observation.

The course has been developed by the RawMatCop Alliance partners, with financial support from the EIT RawMaterials.

RawMatCop Alliance aims to transform the advanced scientific knowledge integrated with the industrial expertise to support the whole mining life-cycle needs and requirements. This course offers a unique blend of expert lectures from both industrial and research communities, as well as hands-on case studies. Participants will develop skills in efficiently managing large datasets, with a particular emphasis on Copernicus data, and will gain expertise in fusing various datasets to achieve cost-effective and environmentally compliant outcomes.

The course will take place in-person at the Museo Casa de la Ciencia-CSIC in Seville, Spain. Participants will have a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a comprehensive and advanced learning schedule focused on promoting a safe and sustainable supply of mineral resources. In addition, attendees will have the chance to meet other participants in-person, network, and foster new ideas and potential collaborations

The course is restricted to a maximum of 35 participants.

Course Topics

This 3-day in-person course, endorsed by the European Federation of Geologists, equips raw materials professionals in the advanced utilization of Earth Observation (EO) skills for application in the mining environmental sectors as well as in their research activities. The diverse applications of EO data in the raw materials’ sector, in combination with timeless data supply and complete land coverage, provide the end-users with new possibilities. The expert use of EO data is beneficial for EU industrial goals under the Critical Raw Materials Act, enhancing exploration efforts in the raw material sector.

Within the advanced Course you will learn:

  • Efficient handling of time-series and large datasets
  • Scalable analysis of satellite data for raw materials
  • Best practices of data integration
  • Leveraging Copernicus data and open tools

The learning objectives are integrated with group working on specific case studies & exercises on:

  • Mineral exploration - opportunities & challenges
  • Acid mine drainage - temporal analysis
  • Open pit mining - monitoring activities & material
  • Ground deformation - mapping using InSAR temporal series

Participants will moreover get to meet other professionals and experts who are transforming the sector.

The course integrates expert lectures from both industry and research communities, offering hands-on experience through case studies to illustrate Copernicus applications.

  • Mineral exploration and mapping of deposits
  • Group projects working on hyperspectral-multispectral images within Case studies
  • Monitoring of mining activities including waste management
  • Environmental impact monitoring Water detection

Who should apply

The course is particularly beneficial for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and industry professionals from the exploration, mining, and processing sectors. If you are looking for innovative techniques to monitor and manage raw materials in your organization, then the RawMatCop Academy is for you!

We also welcome applications from:

  • Geoscientists
  • Development and environmental experts
  • Geologists
  • Researchers, masters and doctoral students working in the raw materials sector
  • Remote sensing practitioners interested in learning raw materials applications


  • Basic coding experience (knowledge about any programing language such as R, Python, C++)
  • Basic knowledge of remote sensing, geology and mining
  • Participants to the RawMatCop Academy introductory courses will be automatically admitted.

Expected Dedication

  • Pre-course readings, preparation of exercises

Deadline for Application and Fees

Early bird fee: Early bird registration by the deadline of 12 January 2024 (23:59 CET).

  • 650 EUR - regular
  • 500 EUR - EIT RawMaterials partners and European Geologists (EFG members), start-ups
  • 250 EUR - Employees of publicly funded organisations from the EIT RIS countries and regions, students from EIT RawMaterials partner universities

Regular fee: Regular registration by the deadline of 9 February 2024 (23:59 CET).

  • 750 EUR - regular
  • 600 EUR - EIT RawMaterials partners and European Geologists (EFG members), start-ups
  • 300 EUR - Employees of publicly funded organisations from the EIT RIS countries and regions, students from EIT RawMaterials partner universities

Participants in the “Introduction to Copernicus Data for Raw Materials” course will be eligible for a 10% discount. All fees are inclusive of VAT.

EIT RIS Countries and Regions (2021-2024):

  • EU Member States: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain.
  • Horizon Europe Associated Countries: Montenegro, Republic of North Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine.
  • Outermost Regions: Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Réunion, Martinique, Mayotte and Saint-Martin (France), the Azores and Madeira (Portugal), and the Canary Islands (Spain).

NOTE: Attendees are responsible for covering expenses related to their travel and accommodation.


14, 15 and 16 February 2024 (3 modules with group projects from 09:00-18:30 CET). Catering and light lunch will be provided during the course.

Location: Museo Casa de la Ciencia-CSIC, Av. de María Luisa, s/n, 41013 Seville, Spain

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Key facts

  • 3-day course

  • in person

  • Certified Course*

*Training endorsed by the European Federation of Geologists

European Federation of Geologists

About our courses

Are you interested in developing technical skills in a new and exciting area? Do you want to help your organisation embrace cutting-edge technology that transform business operations while focusing on sustainability? Then the RawMatCop Academy is for you.

Introductory course topics

  • Introduction to Copernicus and Earth Observation data
  • Basics of imaging technology, optical and active remote sensing in raw materials
  • Optimised ways to monitor environmental impact and increase safety
  • Copernicus’ tools to tackle the industrial and societal challenges of raw materials in Europe

Case studies & exercises

  • Mineral exploration and mapping of deposits
  • Monitoring of mining activities including waste management
  • Environmental impact monitoring
  • Water detection

Learn how to apply satellite imagery to raw materials challenges and join a select group of professionals and experts who are transforming the sector!

The course combines expert lectures from the industrial and the research communities with hands-on work using case studies to demonstrate Copernicus applications. Participants will learn how Copernicus can make exploiting primary and secondary raw materials more cost-effective and safer, and can help comply with environmental legislation.

See what other participants say about our courses

I decided to apply to the RawMatCop Academy because Copernicus was identified by our company’s “Technology Observatory” as a potentially disruptive technology for our target industries over the next years. The RawMatCop Academy provided me with a good understanding of the potential uses of Copernicus-derived technology for business operations. We are now using the knowledge acquired to demonstrate to clients the great potential of combining IoT with Copernicus data.

Dr. Andrea Bartoli
Chief Technology Officer at Worldsensing

Prior to the course, I had little to no knowledge of earth observation techniques and image processing. It was really beneficial for me to learn so much about these techniques and apply them to our work of finding new raw material deposits and opening new exploitation fields. The specific knowledge I gained on monitoring the disposal of tailings from existing exploitation fields was incredibly useful. In Croatia, we are only just in the past year or two applying this technology to monitor exploitation fields - so it is fantastic to now be trained on such cutting-edge technology that will be so important for our future raw materials sector.

Marko Copić
Expert Advisor - Department for Raw Materials/Mineral Resources, Croatian Geological Survey

I found that the course was very rich in content and I also met great people with different backgrounds. The biggest takeaway from participating was discovering the huge potential for Copernicus applications waiting for exploitation. It has certainly been a pleasure to be one of the participants in the RawMatCop Academy.

Dr. Pavlos Tyrologou
External Relations Officer at the European Federation of Geologists